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The Happiness Course Workshop (the best bits) @ Gaunt’s House Saturday 21st July  2018 10am-5pm

Come and join me at Gaunts House countryside mansion in Wimborne for a day of profound discussion, reflection, and healing which will offer you a life changing experience and take your happiness to new levels.

I describe the course as a big conversation about happiness and this covers everything from:
the high price of materialism, the four modern epidemics, deeper happiness through developing strengths and character, the significance of relationships and exploring your relationships past and present, the importance of vulnerability, learning to forgive, delving into the true nature of happiness and looking at the three different types of happiness and why they may not all serve us.


I have taken all the best bits from the Happiness Course and condensed it into a day where we will explore many subjects that may well be keeping you stuck in a negative cycle. Learning how are I will be happy when…. has the power to hold us back living in fear of the future and regret of the past, but what about today’s happiness. We will also look at society’s definition of success as we compare to our definition and ask who’s success path are we following and why this leads nicely onto the comparison hangover, you know that crappy feeling you get after you have been comparing you’re oh so boring life to the someone else’s!

One of the major keys to happiness is our relationships and being able to forgive others and ourselves. I see many destructive patterns stem from people holding bitterness in their hearts. It is an area that many of us struggle (me included) but as we delve deep into significant relationships we explore how allowing ourselves to forgive and to become vulnerable will provide you with a shift in perception and awareness which will allow inner healing to begin.

We will be working with the REACH model of forgiveness, this is will enable you to let go of past hurts and make a decision once and for all to no longer have an emotional bond with this person. See how your story has the power to heal you as you go from victim to victor.

We use metaphors to let go of these hurts and solidify the act to forgive, in doing so we will all make our way to the secret garden where the fire pit will be waiting, we will burn our REACH models and set positive new intentions moving forward. I will show you how to anchor these positive intentions so that when an old thought comes in of the person you will automatically think of that person with love and compassion.

The day is £55 which includes a lovely home cooked vegetarian lunch, all the hippy tea you can drink, 4 workbooks, a happiness bag and a day of happiness, please click here to book your place, please note places are limited and do go fast. If you would like to come but are struggling with money please get in touch as I am offering a scholarship.

To book your place NOW click here and I will be in touch to confirm you are booked on, as well as a little bit of pre-course homework 🙂