The Happiness Course


In recent years psychologists have done a lot of research particularly in positive psychology to investigate the kinds of intervention activities that help us not only understand what happiness is but how to influence that and to impact that for the better. So for example some discoveries find that nurturing relationships, forgiveness, gratitude, taking notice of nature, discovering meaning and purpose in our lives are a few ways that we can create more happiness. These things have been known to make a significant difference so scientists have proven we can indeed be happier.

Everybody comes to the group with their own experience and life stories and I start the course by sharing mine. From experience I have noticed how my openness and honesty allows others to do the same. When everyone feels safe to share their own experience it always brings a great richness and texture where may people may start to see their own pitfalls and habits that could be keeping them stuck in a negative spiral.

These foundations give the 4 week course a very solid underpinning and I have been privileged to witness many profound lightbulb moments, this is where change begins, when the realisation sinks in. This is where I believe I am brought in as a catalyst of change.

So, who is the course for? The answer is very simple….. It is for anybody

The course has been laid on in many, many different cultures and backgrounds. It has been delivered to employees at Poole Borough Council, within companies who have a value the wellbeing of its employees, within drug and alcohol rehabs, and in some of the most deprived areas of London. It has shown itself to be appropriate for almost any group. I mean who doesn’t want to be happy, have some success, have great relationships and a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

The course is made up of 4 sessions and each session lasts for 2 hours however this is adapted for circumstance so for example this course was run for the employees of Poole Borough Council over 8 weeks so that they could attend during their lunch break.

Session 1: The Happy Life

  • What do we mean by happiness? Three types pleasure, engagement and meaning.
  • Why bother with all of this, a look at what the worlds leading scientists and researchers have to say on this. We discuss research linking happiness to other positive things in life, including health, creativity and better relationships.
  • What makes people happy?
  • Are we happy?
  • Why aren’t we becoming happier?
  • Can we become happier?
  • Four modern epidemics, depression, anxiety, stress and loneliness.
  • Your story.

Session 2: The Successful Life

  • The happiest time of my life.
  • Introduction the successful life.
  • Living the good life.
  • The good life or the hard life.
  • Deeper Happiness through developing strengths and character
  • Happiness through taking action.

Session 3: The relational Life.

  • What makes for great relationships? We’ll explore how our relationship to others impacts our own happiness
  • How to create work relationships that are more caring, connected and happy.
  • The significance of relationships.
  • Circles of connection.
  • Getting close without getting hurt.
  • The importance of vulnerability.
  • Learning to forgive.

Session 4: The Meaningful Life

  • What do we mean by meaning?
  • Using our experience to benefit others
  • Can we be happier at work and if so how?
  • Can we build happier communities?
  • How can we create a happier world? We’ll explore how to live in a way that contributes to a happier world, not just for ourselves but for others too.
  • What are my priorities?
  • Going through “the wall”.
  • Top 5 life regrets and your story.