The Happiness Course


The Happiness Course is designed to help you start thinking more consciously and more deeply about the true nature of happiness. Over recent years psychologists have done a lot of research particularly in positive psychology to investigate the kinds of intervention activities that help us not only understand what happiness is but how to influence that and to impact that for the better. So for example some discoveries find that nurturing relationships, forgiveness, gratitude, taking notice of nature, discovering meaning and purpose in our lives are a few ways that we can create more happiness. These things have been known to make a significant difference so scientists have proven we can indeed be happy/happier.

So, you may be asking who is this course for? The answer is very simple….. It is for anyone who is looking to be happier

This particular course has been laid on in many different cultures and backgrounds. It has been delivered to employees at Poole Borough Council, within companies who have a value the wellbeing of its employees, within drug and alcohol rehabs, and in some of the most deprived areas of London. It has shown itself to be appropriate for almost any group. I mean who doesn’t want to be happy, have some success, have great relationships and a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

The sad fact is we spend more time planning a holiday than we do taking the time to ask and discover some of life’s most pressing questions about our internal happiness, this course will encourage you to go deep into yourself so you can start to discover and release the unnoticed pockets of resistance and limited beliefs that are keeping you from being truly happy. From personal experience I have found the deeper you inquire into the nature of true happiness, the more fully true happiness will reveal itself to you.

The course has been designed to be run over 4 weeks for 2 hours each week however with my training and coaching background I am able to adapt this course to suit your needs.