What previous client say

”As a Natural Health Coach, I know more than to well, that if your stressed and unhappy, this has a huge negative effect on your health and pretty much every area of your life can suffer from it. So this happiness Course, Presented by Roxie, I’m highly recommending, the content was world class and it was delivered so well, I enjoyed every moment. And most importantly the things I’ve learned from The Happiness Course, have stayed with me, and I’m feeling even more happy in my heart since the course”.
Tony Be Author of Your Greatest Wealth



It was a really good course, thought provoking and exploratory. Set out with 4 sections with the help of a couple of lovely short videos that assisted the course. Each section was interesting, touching & revealing which had something new to think about and learn.
Highlighting our belief systems and attitudes to life in all areas, showed how it can contribute to happiness, was well put together to discover how to seek it. I felt at ease and comfortable with Roxie as she has a warm welcoming spirit, which encourages an openness and honest discussion. I came away feeling affirmed, by her, the course and within myself. Anyone and everyone can be happy and this course shows you the way.. Would recommend it to anyone.
Thank you Roxie, it was wonderful,
Blessings, J x


Video testimonial from the lovely Natalie Russell chatting on how the course has impacted her life today. Natalie is a full time mum, business owner and works with vulnerable youngsters.

Thank you Roxie for delivering a wonderful course which has been truly uplifting and inspirational. Over the last 4 weeks I have met some amazing people, some I knew but we had never really had such deep and inspiring conversations. I feel I know them much better now as we each shared so many different experiences on what it means to be both happy and successful.

Acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude were just a few of the topics we covered but for me it highlighted the importance of cherishing moments and times with family, being in the moment and always having an open and grateful heart. I can honestly say this course has been life changing for me. My journey into living a more fulfilling life and accepting me for who I am has finally began

Rachel Kwong, DoLS Team Leader, Poole Borough Council



Since attending the happiness course I cannot believe how much has changed in my life. I think I was one of those people who thought I would be happy when ……… or if I have the ………

I learnt that happiness is a choice I can make. Since the course my relationship with my family is incredible, I think I was guilty of taking the people closest to me for granted, when we looked at the primary and secondary people in my circle it hit home how much my family meant to me and I hadn’t been investing enough time as life seems to always be busy. I did see how I could combine my passion of travelling and helping others to bring more meaning and purpose into my life. I regularly go over my course notes and watch the “never give up video” if I am having a tough day. Roxie thank you from the bottom of heart, you made me laugh, cry and have some astounding aha moments. I would recommend this course to everyone I know.

Ffion Aur, Teacher


Wow what can I say, where to being, so many lightbulb moments for me. I’ve got to be honest I have no idea what I was expecting from this course, it sounded a little cheesy but I needed some help, my life wasn’t going the way I had expected it do and this was causing me a great deal of stress and anxiety. The course exceeded my expectations and gave me fundamental tools to help me to help myself. For the first time ever I saw clearly how I was chasing someone else’s definition of success. I got a chance to revaluate everything and I have since signed up for a course of coaching sessions with Roxie. I am starting to finally see what true happiness is meant to look like, I feel content and peaceful and this is something I have not been for quite sometime.

Jerry Joel, Business owner & DJ


Wow Roxie, thank you so much for The Happiness Course, in four weeks I leaned so much about myself. I didn’t realise at the time but I was in need of some time to reassess and evaluate myself and my career. I would highly recommend this course to anyone but particularly to people working in a high pressured environment. Happiness really is something worth working for but as I found out I need to work on developing my habits which in turn will strengthen my character.

Carlie Palmer, Bid Manager, Poole


The Happiness course it is a MUST ! It’s the New Black ?❤️? such an empowering insightful life changing course which reminds you who is in charge of your life and takes you through all those simple steps towards happiness and gratitude
Thank you Roxie Morris for such an amazing experience

Ana Baciu, Social Worker


I recently attended Roxie’s Happiness course over 4 Wednesdays. From the beginning she made me feel welcome, had gathered an amazing group of women together, and we all learned so much. It was a safe and calming space with food for thought, some tough (but necessary) insights, and has changed my outlook on things. I wholeheartedly recommend the course to everyone, and I miss it!

Sarah Murray, Full time Mum and Charity volunteer


I now know what it truly means to be happy and I need to be honest in my communication and invest in the relationships that are important to me. This course was amazing, in fact I would go so far as to say LIFE changing. Everyone in every situation would benefit from this course. I had so many wonderful revelations. Roxie you Rock 🙂

Samantha Campion, Manager


The Happiness Course. This I can honestly say has changed the way I look and value happiness.

I decided to get involved with the course not because I was sad and I needed be become instantly happy, but because I was neither happy or sad. I was in the middle just feeling like I was plodding along trying to wonder why nothing was fulfilling me and making me always beaming with smiles.

Completing my first day on the course was my eureka moment, I was starting to understand my personal reasons for my happiness, and by my next day with Roxie I had a total new outlook of my path.

I have continued with following these positive steps and now feel that I on my way to a more happy and positive me.

I highly recommend that if your feeling low or don’t feel your at your full happiness potential, then Roxie’s Happiness Course would be of benefit to you.

Thank you so much Roxie for all you have done for me. ❤

Michelle Dykes Business Owner Social Beauties

”I don’t think I ever let myself admit just how important happiness is to me. I have always wanted to be happy and kind of guess I always thought I would be happy when I achieved the career, the family, the home. After the course finished I really decided to commit to being happy. I could see how I had kept people at arms length in order not to get hurt but I was playing it safe and my life didn’t seem to be a joyful as it could be. I was always committed to fitness goals but once I had achieved them I was left wondering what next. Session 3 was all about relationships and it was my favourite session as I learned so much about myself, the importance of vulnerability and not to keep going for the same emotionally unavailable men, a pattern of mine (and many other women’s as we found out on the course) when you have so many revelations you need to heal and process all the information. I am so pleased I stepped out of my comfort zone and went on this course. Thank you Roxie for inspiring and encouraging me”

Emily Houghton, Sports massage therapist


Divine timing brought Roxie into my life. I was struggling personally and facing a lot of life changes all at the same time when we met. She listened carefully and helped me breakdown my overwhelming circumstances from fear to a place of opportunity. She invited me to attend the happiness course. I attend two sessions and couldn’t complete the course. I knew my life was far from where I wanted it to be and needed time out to take action. When I was ready I attend the course again. Roxie was supportive and reassuring in all our discussions. She has helped me to be open to the possibility of a new future and affirmed that I am on the right path in the steps I’ve taken to redesign and happier more authentic life. Since the course I have new confidence in moving forward with talking the needed and sometimes scary action required to step closer to the genuine internal happiness that I am seeking. With her kind reassurance I can joined my local Co-Dependence Anonymous enabling me to start a new empowered chapter of my life. The happiness course gets to the root of the matter and ignites transformation where needed. I am forever grateful to Roxie for being part of my journey to lasting happiness and would recommend this course to those ready to make theirs a happier life x

Zoe Harris – Civil servant


Thank you so much for this incredible course. Roxie is a brilliant & honest facilitator . I’ve definitely had a shift of perception about my life in a very positive way- & feeling the gratitude oozing -with no effort . Think it works because it’s simple and logical -sometimes we need to go back to basics. I would highly recommend this amazing course to anyone, it is just great to be around like minded people looking for a bit more happiness

Monica Adams – Training provider and consultant


The happiness course was fantastic! Everything I expected and much more. An amazing space for women to come together, share experiences and delve deeper into exactly what makes them happy. It gave a whole range of insight into my happiness and has changed my whole outlook on life. It gave me tools to take away and implement in my daily life. Roxie was awesome, such a beautiful soul and made me feel very comfortable and I really felt like I could open up and explore. I would highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone, even if you think you’re already happy! I guarantee you’ll learn something new!

Amie Dodgie – Healer

Professional reference:

My initial contact with Ms Morris was some 6 years ago when I was Course Director of a part time advanced practitioner course that she attended. I have maintained contact with her since that time through her both attending and facilitating some short workshops and meetings we have been involved in.

So, I have known Roxie for about 6 years and throughout that time she has demonstrated a clear commitment to all the activities and tasks she has been involved in.

Her principal qualities lie in her excellent communication skills, which she applies at an individual level and in groups, when involved in group work she can both take responsibility for group tasks and make excellent individual contributions to the group process.

Roxie has shown her ability to work and interact with people with sensitivity and empathy, solving problems and working towards [often innovative] solutions.

It appears that at a personal level honesty and integrity are core values which inform all aspects of her life.

(Brain Morton, NHS Psychotherapist – Human resources for Excellence)