Authentic Happiness Coach

As an experienced life coach, mentor and trainer I will assist you to bring your heart and mind together so you can discover the true spirit of happiness and what this means to you.

The saying that happiness is a choice is correct: so a purposeful approach is essential to building inner happiness. That is what I am here for, I get you to go deep within and to answer questions about yourself, through supportive dialog and exercises I give you the tools to simplify your definition of happiness and improve the quality of your life. Together we open new opportunities for finding your personal joy which will propel you forward to reach your goals. During our sessions we will connect you to positive emotions as you figure out what really makes you happy. We look at areas such as work life balance, exploring meaning and purpose and how to achieve inner contentment which means you are not always looking outside of yourself to find someone or something to make you happy.

Coaching with me will be unlike anything you have ever experienced but if you really want to change and become a much happier version of yourself then you have come to the right person.

Who needs this coaching program? Basically anyone wanting to be happier. You may be someone who has achieved material success but still feels incomplete. You could have found yourself going through a rough patch and your in a negative space that you cant seem to pull yourself out of. You may be going through a big life change such as divorce or redundancy. You may be experiencing increased consumption of food, alcohol or shopping, sex, drugs (prescribed and non) and struggling to sleep at night or you may feel lost and over whelmed.

Each person is unique and from experience change does not happen over night. I offer your first session completely free of charge, this is because you need to know truly whether I am the right coach for you. You will know straight away. I believe one of my gifts is being able to make people feel at ease, I am compassionate and straight talking. From vast experience I have found that when rapport is established early on results happen quicker.

Authentic Happiness Coaching is an 8 week program, this is an outline of what to expect however the program is tailored to you specifically, here is an outline of what we will cover in this program:

  • Create a vision and mission for your life that is purpose driven
  • Identify who you are and what truly drives you
  • Free your mind, liberate your talent and attract more effortless success
  • Understand how you may be using busyness to keep you stuck and comfortable
  • Identify unhealthy patterns of behaviour and how to change these
  • See how happiness comes before success and anything done just for the cash will erode your soul
  • Identify your EGO patterns that keep you stuck
  • Find greater joy, inspiration, creativity and your business or work life
  • Tap into your higher self to make the right decision for your business
  • Dissolve bitter feuds and resentments, a healthy company knows successful relationships are key
  • Using NLP to rewire you for joy and success

I cant wait to meet you, get in touch with me now, don’t let fear hold you back. I urge you to contact me today: 

07690 543329

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