Black, white, all, nothing – this thinking might be keeping you stuck

I have a huge appetite for learning especially about spirituality, happiness and business. There are so many wise teachers and I have recently plugged into Father Richard Roah. He talks on his perspective of addiction and noticed all religions at the higher level discovered there is one universal addiction: that is we are addicted to our way of thinking and our way of thinking is rigid, judgemental and dualistic (all or nothing thinking)

When I look back and reflect on my own journey I can see how I spent a lot of time stuck in a way of thinking that was not helpful to me. I can see I had a rather large EGO that told me I was always right, looking back if I had been so right then how come I was unhappy, drained, anxious and unfulfilled?

I personally believe that in order to begin to change we have to be open minded enough to say “ah ok, perhaps something is a miss, maybe my thinking is a little off track, maybe I am burying my head in the head in the sand”. We are all given warning signs but when do we stop to ask ourselves questions about the truth.


It was only when I was willing to admit that my way wasn’t working that I could start to break down the wall of denial and in doing so I looked for another way. For me personally when the walls of denial started to crack I felt like something inside of knew that there had to be a better way to live, only when I got to this point did I muster enough humility to seek change, to go against the crowd and to begin a journey of transformation.

Love and light

Roxie xx

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