The Healing Power of Awareness

This morning as I carry out my daily spiritual practice I am aware that I have become too busy and I have forgotten to live in the moment. My greatest (and toughest) practice is trying to be present and to savour each moment, even if it moment is unconformable. I try to breath through the discomfort rather than reach for something to soften the blow of the uncomfortably.

I speak to so many people who tell me “I cant meditate or it doesn’t work for me” but there is no right or wrong when we meditate. For me its about becoming disciplined enough to sit still and to get in touch with that teeny tiny whisper of the small, soft voice of the divine that dwells within. It know it is always there but my head is always so busy and full of bullshit critical comments that I rarely get to hear it, that is unless I invest the time into sitting still.

In the first part of the Happiness Course we look at others ways to find happiness rather than just pleasure seeking and positive psychologist (who have spent years studying the happiest of people) now know that investing our time into developing a skill or habit is one of those ways to increase long term happiness.

For me meditation is a spiritual practice that I could not be without. Through meditation I have began to have an understanding and awareness about who I am, what I value, what my purpose is and how I can use all of this to be of service to others.

I have also shed many a tear in meditation but each tear has been healing and soothing to the wounds of my past. This practice helps me to stop projecting in the future and allows me to let get of the past, giving me freedom to live in the moment, to have a peaceful and contented heart.

For me that is the secret to a truly happy life but I do know that living peacefully in the here and now is not possible until we heal the wounds of the past. Make time and space in your home to allow this to happen, it doesn’t have to be anything grand, just find a space in your home that you can call yours, pop a candle there, maybe a crystal and know that place is there for you anytime you need to go within.

I know this isn’t as easy as it sounds but I can assure you that it is worth the investment of time and dedication as healing those wounds from the past is one of the most rewarding and worth while challenges of life.

If you took the time to stop you would see how last nights road rage was a symptom of something much deeper. The fact that you cant stop eating even though I your not hungry, that’s a wound that needs healing. That you are in an occupation where you help others but underneath you are the one who needs help. You feel lonely in a room full of people, you know there is more to life, you have everything on the outside but yet feel empty, these are ALL symptoms of greater underlying issue which needs to be acknowledged first and ONLY then can you start to heal.

We are all very wounded in one way or another and until we LOVE ourselves enough to give ourselves the much needed space to uncover these wounds and heal we will walk around hurt, lonely, anxious, stressed and even depressed, maybe not clinically but there is a sadness that runs deep and nothing seems to fix it in the long term.

If you want to know more about healing and getting happy then get in touch with me, my purpose is to help you find purpose, heal those wounds and assign meaning to your life. Be the happiest person you know and live the life you deserve.

Keep an eye out for details on my upcoming retreat in the first weekend of January 2018.

Much love

Roxie xxx


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