About My Mission

I am a qualified Wellbeing coach, NLP Practitioner, Trainer but more importantly I have personal experience in dealing with mental health, an external search for happiness, overcoming trauma and using all of this to enable me to empower, inspire and coach you to greatness.

My mission is to help you uncover, discover and discard the patterns that are holding you back in life and stopping you from living an authentically happy and successful life.

There is so much more to life than just wanting to find happiness, it was about being able to live in the moment, being comfortable in your own skin, having self acceptance, self love, healing old emotional wounds, forgiving those who hurt you, taking responsibility, letting go of who you think you are meant to be, allowing others to get close, finding a spiritual practice that works for you and helps you to get clear on who you are and why you are here.┬áIt is also about understanding our definition of success and happiness and not measuring that against anyone else’s definition.

By knowing who you really are and being true to this you can create a beautiful life where you will be CLEAR on your life goals and purpose. It is my personal belief that without self knowledge there is no authentic success, no authentic happiness and no authentic living. When we are not living in alignment with who we were meant to be this causes conflict and conflict causes pain, as humans we don’t like to feel or acknowledge this pain so we numb the pain, we drink, do drugs, control, overeat, we are stressed, full of rage and anger, this is because we are out of touch with the essence of who we really are, somewhere on this road called life we have lost of our way.

My life purpose is to inspire, empower and equip YOU to KNOW yourself, to be clear on your definition of success and happiness. I have seen and experienced far too many people suffering from the lost self, we owe it to ourselves, to each other, to our children, to our employees and to the world, to be the change, to find our truth, to find out who we really are, to discover what makes us tick and then ask ‘how can I channel this for the good of the world’



I offer a very skilled and unique way of coaching and training which involves the sharing of experiences if I feel it will help you gain a greater understanding of yourself.

I have a number of ways in which you can work access my work:

  • Contract me to work within your organisation
  • 6/12 week Authentic Happiness coaching program
  • Read my blog
  • Retreats run locally at Gaunt’s House
  • Happiness Course project for your local area
  • Hire me to speak at your event
  • Hire me for one to one meditation/spiritual guidance program

For more information about any of the above please contact me on 07960 543329 or email rm.coaching@hotmail.com

With love and light

Roxie x